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Setting: The world of Eyuin is intensely magical, although it once was more so. In the centuries after the Sundering War that introduced Abominations and sent the world into chaos, nations rose up and collapsed again, and nearly two-thousand years later, the Empire of Kaitheny remains the most powerful nation in the world. However, generations of arrogance and decadence culminating in the forced abdication of Mad King Mark have whittled away at Kaitheny's influence, and its once-unassailable position is far less steady than it once was.

Brief History: Alric is the first son of the current Emperor, and as such, Crown Prince. His mother, however, was a commoner and a pardoned outlaw, and as a result, he has had difficulty with many houses of the Kaithenian nobility since he was born. His fiery spirit and the incendiary powers he inherited from his mother have only served to broaden this gulf, whereas his younger half-brother is the picture of entitled, prejudiced nobility, making the brothers intensely divisive figures in Kaithenian politics. Seeking to control his innate ferocity the powers driven by it and placing a great deal of meaning in his birthright and his responsibilities, Alric has diligently pursued nobility and discipline, becoming a Knight-Errant of the Most Prestigious Order of the Dragon and studying swordsmanship under his legendary grandfather, but a fiery heart still burns under the outer covering of propriety.

Age: 22
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 175lbs
Nationality: Kaithenian
Build: Medium, broad-shouldered

Coat of Arms:
A wingless gold gryphon couchant regardant (lying down and looking over its shoulder) holding a silver sword on a green field, across a white diagonal band from a red dragon rampant on a black field, a seven-pointed gold coronet above the shield.
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Backtagging: Sure!
Threadhopping: Sure!
Fourthwalling: Generally no, but it can be discussed.
Offensive subjects (elaborate): Nothing special.


Hugging this character: Fine, although he'll find it somewhat awkward, barring special circumstances.
Kissing this character: Fine, but he'll probably find it quite awkward and inappropriate.
Flirting with this character: Absolutely. His family environment is full of nonstop teasing, and at Court, it's often slightly rude to not flirt at all.
Fighting with this character: Go for it, although he prefers to avoid violence. Partly because he has such a talent for it.
Injuring this character (include limits and severity): Certainly, although if it's important, talking in advance may help avoid ruffled feathers. I'd mostly rather not have him Worfed (i.e. humiliated to make someone/something else look tough) without consent.
Killing this character: I'd like there to at least be a cool reason for it. I'm not a great fan of killing characters just to be hip or to make a point.
Using telepathy/mind reading abilities on this character: Totally doable, although I'd like to discuss anything really invasive like mind control in advance, to make sure it doesn't accidentally become character-breaking.

Alric is pretty mild, as far as I'm aware, but here are a few warnings just in case. Please let me know in advance if any of these are special cases which you're uncomfortable with; or, conversely, if they give you ideas you do want to thread out.
1) Alric is much, much stronger than an unmodified human, in the ~100x stronger than normal range, and can control a fiery aura for burning and cutting. Give me a heads up if you're okay with violent threads in general but either of those would make you uncomfortable.
2) Alric's sword "Starlight" has a unique ability to cut through structures of magic (i.e. magic-generated barriers and protections), and to dissipate "Taint," a form of dark or "negative" magic based on creating patterns by eroding the fabric of reality rather than reshaping it. Let me know if you think this would be relevant to our characters' interactions, somehow, whether you want to keep it out or not.

I can be pretty rapid at tagging when not busy and the tags aren't too complicated. I'm fine with backdating and so on, however, and much prefer that over leaving gaping plotholes in-character and making things offcamera.

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The following abilities are innate to Alric, inherited through his mother.
Strength: Alric is many times stronger than a normal human (about 20 times stronger than world record setters), able to lift trucks, throw warhorses, and so on. The durability of his muscles and bones is greater in the same measure, to be able to use his great strength without injuring himself; as such, blunt instruments wielded by normal humans are more likely to damage the weapon (or hurt the attacker) than to cause Alric serious harm. However, he can still be cut, burned, etc.
Flight: Alric is able to levitate up to a ton of weight, or when relatively unburdened, can fly at up to 100mph, although this becomes dangerous without some manner of windshield above about 30mph.
Incendiary Aura: Alric is able to generate and condense an intense, fiery aura about his hands. This aura can be formed into simple shapes and compressed until it can either cut through most normal materials (in the manner of any other sort of plasma cutter) or be suddenly released, where it explodes with a burst of heat and force like a grenade.
Rapid Healing: Alric recovers from injuries dozens of times faster than a normal human (recovering in days where someone else might take months) and does not normally form scars.

Kaithenian Ancestral Magic:
Kaithenian ancestral magic requires the use of a Kaithenian artifact (such as Alric's sword Fairkalshi/Starlight) or other specially blessed object (a "focus").
Guardian Aura: The knight can generate a protective barrier, which can deflect anything from wind and rain to arrows and boulders or magical attacks. The more force the barrier resists, the greater the strain on the knight sustaining it, so they are generally used sparingly, to cover only one person or a few huddled together.
Healing Aura: A knight can dramatically accelerate another living thing's natural healing. This requires continuous concentration, making it ill-suited to the middle of a battle, but feasible for stabilizing serious injuries. "Old" injuries (those which have already healed as much as the body is able) cannot be healed with this ability. Alric is not sufficiently skilled with this ability to cure diseases, although he can sometimes ease the symptoms or slow the disease's progress, depending on its nature.
Purifying Aura: A knight can generate an aura of purifying energy which inflicts severe damage to Abominations (essentially the demons of Alric's world), and similarly fundamentally evil, destructive beings. This aura can envelope the knight himself, or his weapon, if it is an ancestral artifact or focus.
Soul Seeking: A knight can sense the presence of living things nearby, and detect some unusual conditions such as curses, demonic possession, and so on; masters can sense others' state of mind and intentions, and predict their actions, although this is beyond Alric's level. A knight can also find the direction of someone whose soul he has sensed with this ability before.
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Player Information
Name: Paul
Age: 36
Contact: [plurk.com profile] exacerangutan or email
Characters already in Medietas: None
Reserve: No

Character Basics
Name: Alric of House Caelegart
Age: 22
Journal: [personal profile] knighterrantofthedragon

Original Character Information
Appearance: Alric is moderately tall with a medium build and black hair worn well past his shoulders (in the style of the Kaithenian nobility). His most distinctive feature is the bright golden amber color of his eyes.
Setting: Eyuin is an original, high-magic fantasy setting with a number of Folks (inspired by classic fantasy setting concepts and real-world folk lore). In Alric's time, the Kaithenian Empire is still the most powerful nation by a significant margin, although its power has waned over the prior century. The sciences are actually well-developed, but public education remains lacking; guilds and academic societies prefer to keep sophisticated knowledge sequestered, both for their own interests, and as a safety measure. Magic is not universally accessible, and not even legal in every country, and generally takes the form either of sorcery (which alters the physical world according its own set of laws), or the beneficence of spirits or deities.
History: Alric grew up son of a (rather reluctant) Duke, who himself had grown up merely the son of a country gentleman--Alric's grandfather Marius--who later revealed himself to be Emperor Claudius II's elder brother (who had fled the capital to pursue his passion for perfecting his fencing). When he was a young teenager, it was discovered that his cousin, the newly-minted Emperor Marcus IV, had actually arranged for the death of his father Claudius II, and he was deposed with Marius standing as Regent, suddenly hurling Alric's family into the center of attention at the capital. Because of Alric's mother's history as a commoner and an outlaw, he was despised by many of the nobility, and together with his fiery temper, was drawn into many "friendly" duels that became increasingly violent as he grew older; given his anger issues and his abilities, this led to more than one serious injury among his opponents, until his grandfather (in one of his last acts as Regent) banned Alric from accepting further challenges without his father's permission. Humiliated, Alric sulked for awhile at the family estate, becoming an instructor at his grandfather's fencing school. Eventually, he pursued a knighthood, and undertook a quest to visit each sovereign nation of Eyuin and return with a token of their goodwill--not a small feat, given the poor state of Kaitheny's foreign relations, especially following the inept Emperor Marcus IV. He would just be on his way home from his quest when he arrives.
Personality: Alric is in many ways a Prince's Prince. Raised by a father who had been a commoner (albeit a relatively wealthy one), an adventurer, and a nobleman, and by two mothers--one coarse but forthright, liberal, and exceptionally vivacious, and the other poised and conservative, but tender and comforting--he grew up quite well-rounded emotionally and intellectually, with an impulse to look for the good in everyone. However, his experiences in quarreling with the nobility have led him to acquire a fierce hatred of bigotry. At the same time, he has his mother's impulsive, ardent nature, and when confronted with a problem, his instinct is to leap in and solve it at once; leaving a problem sitting grates on his nerves (and he has serious trouble with down time), although his fear of overreacting or getting carried away with his own passions leads him sometimes to hesitate when he feels personally invested. Although he looks always for the good in people and diplomatic solutions to problems, his patience is well-practiced rather than innate, and he will resort to force with fierce resolve to protect the innocent. He takes his sword training extremely seriously, and struggles constantly to keep up his polite, poised, courteous presentation and keep his intensely emotional, hyperactive nature in check, relying on training, music, and other coping mechanisms to continually refine and practice his self-control. He has a soft spot for outcasts and those who have difficulty controlling their talents (like his mother), but also a deep admiration for his step-mother's poise, calm, and kindness. Like his father, he isn't completely comfortable with titles, and may "forget" to mention his own. However, he takes matters of honor very seriously, and while he may be evasive on some subjects, he avoids actually lying.
Powers/Abilities/Talents: Alric, like his mother (who was altered by sorcery for use as a living weapon), is possessed of strength dozens of times a normal human's, as well as toughness enough to shrug off most blunt instruments in normal human hands (largely just from the strength of his bones and muscles) and exceptional endurance and agility. He heals much faster than a normal human (although nowhere near a Wolverine/Deadpool-like rate), and generally doesn't scar, at least in the long term. He also has the ability to propel himself in the air at up to about 100mph (although going faster than 30ish without some kind of wind shield isn't recommended), and to generate and condense an intense, fiery aura (for which his mother was called "The Ember"). This aura can be formed into simple shapes and compressed until it can either cut through most normal materials (in the manner of any other sort of plasma cutter) or be suddenly released, where it explodes with a burst of heat and force like a grenade. Additionally, as a Kaithenian knight, Alric can call on the support of Kaithenian heroes and ancestors (roughly in the manner of a paladin) for healing, protective barriers, and divination, but this only works when holding a proper focus (such as his sword Starlight) and if he is actually able to make contact with his ancestors; these powers will probably be unavailable when Alric first arrives, until he can make some kind of special arrangements. I'll go into more details about the extents and limitations if that happens! Beyond this, Alric is a talented musician, an exceptionally gifted sword fighter trained by a master fencer, and educated by the best tutors available in a range of academic subjects including rhetoric, science and engineering (although limited to a technological range from 12th to 18th century European equivalent but including his world's type of magic), military tactics, and diplomacy.
What do you think your character could bring to the island? Alric is both a fighter and a diplomat, sworn to serve as a protector wherever he can. So long as there's anyone who needs someone to fight for them, to help soothe ruffled feathers, or both, he would be both able and eager to help.
What four items from home would you like your character to have on the island for the duration of their stay? 1) his heirloom sword Fairkalshi ("Starlight"), enchanted to be far stronger and sharper than any nonmagical material, able to deflect and rebound magic, and able to dissipate specific types of dark magic (this will be detailed in a permissions post in case it would be relevant); 2) a medallion bearing his coat of arms; 3) his signet ring, usually worn on a chain; 4) Alric's flute which he learned to play as a memento of his younger brother, while traveling.
Samples: here and here.

Finally, pick one word from these four options: Sun.
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1) What's the character's name/aliases?

His name is Alric of House Caelegart. At his default canon point, his full title as announced in formal circumstances is His Imperial Highness Alric of House Caelegart, Crown Prince of Kaitheny, Duke of Thanneswane, Knight-Errant of the Most Prestigious Order of the Dragon. He does have some slightly less flattering nicknames used by his detractors among the Kaithenian nobility, but that's quite another matter.

2) How did you come up with the name(s)?

Mostly just from the German-plus-Latin sort of sound, which suits his family and cultural background well.

3) Stats (height, weight, hair, eyes, etc)

Alric stands just shy of six feet in height. Since rigorous exercise has been an important part of his routine since a young age, he has a medium but very well-toned build, weighing about 175 pounds. His hair is black and straight, worn very long (typically about mid-back length) in the style of the Kaithenian nobility; commenting on the shortness of a man's hair implies inexperience, childishness, or a failure to embrace the values of the aristocracy. His eyes are a striking bright amber. His PB is Matthew Tuck from the band Bullet for my Valentine.

4) How did you pick your character's PB?

Mostly struggling to find a man with black hair worn long--actually past the shoulders, not just "more than half an inch" or "kind of messy" long.

5) What is your character's premise?

Essentially, Alric is an intense, fiery personality who's learned to be wary of his volatile tendencies, and to cloth himself in a polite, proper, dutiful outer shell. Much of his character is expressed in that tension, and in the fallout from its consequences in his backstory.

6) How has that changed, if at all?

Very little. That basic concept of (in astrological terms) an Aries trying to express the best aspects of a Libra has held in everything he's been AU'd into, so far.

7) Loud or quiet? Passive or aggressive? Submissive or dominant?

Alric takes pains to be quiet and strike a diplomatic, strategic balance between passivity and aggression. Sometimes this comes off a bit erratic, if his fiery jump-on-all-the-problems-and-fix-them-myself nature comes out followed by a little overcompensation in the opposite direction, but he usually does well at finding a middle road, guiding things toward his goals while respecting and supporting those of other people as far as he can. However, when there's a point on which he can't budge, other than trying to be polite about it, or when otherwise forced into being heavy-handed--or even when he's just blowing off some steam with music or exercise--he has a bottomless well of ferocity to unleash.

8) Does your character have any particular musical talents/tastes?

Music is one of the main emotional outlets he's employed since his childhood as a means of learning to control his inherited abilities. Alric is rather fond of the guitar, despite its being regarded generally as a peasant instrument. He's also picked up the flute, intended as something of an olive branch toward his brother, who's much better with it. In modern AU versions (or standard versions exposed to modern music), Alric has a special appreciation for metal and hard rock as an avenue of expression.

9) Is your character a specific archetype?

Alric is pretty much a prince's prince. Other than the quietly boiling anger he keeps carefully sealed inside around other people, he's about as near to an archetypical Good Prince as one gets while still having a personality, making a sincere effort to always be diplomatic, courteous, and honorable.

10) What are your character's hobbies, if any?

Music is a major hobby. Despite being banned from accepting duels, Alric trains at a range of sword styles suitable for dueling, and has served as an instructor at his grandfather's famous sword school. He's also particularly fond of climbing trees.

11) Does your character have any favorite foods?

Alric tends to prefer relatively simple food, such as stews and sandwiches, more common among the nobility in the Southern Reaches of the Kaithenian Empire, from which his immediate family hails. However, he has (deliberately) acquired a taste for the capital's fancier cuisine, as well, and in his global travels, has made an effort to cultivate a cosmopolitan palate.

12) Does your character watch/participate in any particular sports?

Alric has a background in Kaithenian fencing, as much an actively martial technique as a sport, widely practiced among the nobility. Although he has been banned from taking part in matches without special permission due to an unfortunate incident with another member of the nobility, he still practices and is regarded as one of the most gifted sword artists in the Empire. Occasionally, he takes part in archery and equestrian sports, although only in a casual fashion.

13) Is your character fluent in more than one language?

Alric isn't fully fluent in any language but Kaithenian, although having been educated quite thoroughly from a young age, he is at least converational in a few other major languages of Eyuin, particularly Samshurati, Ilesthi, Volkadian, Gallique, and Sharran. He can understand and speak them well enough to get by in diplomatic situations, as necessary, however.

14) Does your character have a preferred mode of transportation?

Not especially; it depends entirely on practical matters such as distance and time available.

15) Does your character have any pets?

Not in the strictest sense, although he grew up around his grandfather's mastiffs on the family estate, and he has a favorite horse; he has animals to whom he relates well, whether his own, or another family member's.

16) What is your character's current occupation?

Alric is either in the process of completing or has recently completed his errancy, depending on canon point; as such, he is either a knight-errant busy with the completion of the quest he undertook, or most likely acting in a legislative/judicial or ambassadorial role as Crown Prince, either in the capital or overseas, as appropriate to the situation.

17) What occupation(s) has your character had in the past?

Alric has undertaken various minor tasks as part of his training at Court. He also spent about two years as an assistant instructor at his grandfather's fencing school, and about two years more traveling the world on his errancy.

18) Describe your characters fashion sense. Do they have a favorite article of clothing?

Alric tends to prefer loose, relaxed, light clothes, such as the silk tunic and trousers common as casual-wear among the Kaithenian nobility.

19) Does your character have any favorite TV shows/movies?

In the canon version, there is no TV, although there are certainly plays of which he is fond, particularly those espousing chivalric virtues. In modern AU or when he has been exposed to modern media, he tends to prefer anything with a high-minded moral core (and in the latter case, anything with medieval-style content for its familiarity).

20) Does your character have any habits/addictions?


21) Does your character suffer from any long-term illnesses?

None, unless some emotional baggage counts.

22) Does your character have a best friend or someone they're especially close to?

Alric does have a small handful of close friends whom he grew up with, mostly similar-aged children of the staff on the family estate at Thanneswane, whom he knew before his father's coronation and the beginning of the Caelegart dynasty.

23) Describe your character's upbringing.

Alric was raised at Thanneswane as a minor nobleman from a then-unimportant branch of the royal family, with a high-quality, rather intense education from the best tutors available. Because of his relatively high station but distance from the capital and lack of impact on imperial politics, he had the liberty of an otherwise relatively normal childhood, growing up alongside commoners and other provincial nobility in an atmosphere of goodwill. The development of his inherited powers, however--particularly his strength and his incendiary aura--required him to work from a somewhat young age to develop a strict self-discipline and taught him to be wary of the destructive potential of his natural intensity. As a young teenager, he transition from minor nobleman to Crown Prince, and due to friction with the nobility in the capital, he learned with difficulty to further reinforce his discipline and acquire a much finer diplomatic savvy and sheen of propriety, although it also left him with an intense distaste and distrust for politics.

24) Does your character have any particular religious beliefs?

Alric was raised on traditional Kaithenian ancestor and legendary hero worship, and takes those beliefs seriously, although he was also raised to respect the theologies of other nations, as nothing in the Kaithenian tradition explicitly prohibits acknowledging or even including other deities.

25) Does your character have a favorite place?

Alric is especially fond of Thanneswane, tending to prefer the climate as well as the overall environment and general lack of snooty nobility with a bone to pick over Alric's relatively mixed heritage. It's also where his childhood friends are, his grandfather's fencing school, and a lot of other things he prizes highly.

For anyone who wants to grab up a version for their own use:
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Player's Name: Paul
Are you over 16? Yes
Characters Played Here: The Doctor (Eleventh)

Character: Alric of House Caelegart of Kaitheny

World Description: Alric comes from Eyuin. Magic remains a potent force, although greatly weakened in the wake of a cataclysmic struggle known as the Sundering War (years are described as ASW, or After the Sundering War), in which the natives of Eyuin fought against invading entities called Outsiders, which consume and erode Essence, the substance of which reality is formed and which powers sorcery. One form in which magic remains in the world is the abilities of Constructs, beings artificially created through alchemical and sorcerous analogues to genetic engineering. Some possess potent innate magic capabilities easily the match of talented sorcerers, although since those abilities are hardwired in, new ones cannot be learned--at best, those innate abilities can be refined. In principle, a Construct could also learn magic in the manner of a sorcerer, but this is quite rare. The most dangerous after-effect of the Sundering War is that the Outsiders still have some influence in Eyuin, particularly through Abominations, creatures and spirits twisted by the reality-corroding Taint, the Outsiders antithetical equivalent to Essence. Abominations include a variety of generally malicious beings such as Trolls, Vampires, Demons, Famine Wolves, and so on. Otherwise, the world is generally late-medieval/early-renaissance, for the most part, in terms of culture and technology, although sorcerous societies possess advanced, restricted scientific knowledge. In Alric's time, Kaithenian Empire is the largest and most powerful nation of Eyuin, having arisen sometime around 1000 ASW from the chaos of the collapsed Great Arktorian Empire, although its influence is declining after decades of arrogant leadership and several years under Mad King Mark, but Alric's family have been attempting to reverse that trend.

History: Alric was born in 1802 ASW, son of Dieter of House Caelegart and his first with, Artha. Dieter had been raised as a well-to-do commoner. His father Marius had actually been Marius of House Caelestor, heir apparent, but lacking his younger half-brother's taste and aptitude for politics (and being far less popular at Court) and preferring to focus on mastery of the sword, he took on a knightly mission as an excuse to disappear into the Southern Reaches, far from the capital. There he settled down, took up the name Caelegart, and had a son whom he raised with princely ideals but as a mere country gentleman. Marius's son Dieter was one of many young men who took up arms when the Crown offered a title to whoever could put an end to the threat of Artha the Ember, a magic-wielding outlaw who had been cutting (or at least burning) a swath across the Southern Reaches; however, where dozens simply tried to kill her and were destroyed, Dieter approached Artha more humanely and patiently, and across a number of confrontations, convinced her to turn against her mother, the witch who had created her as a construct in an attempt to harness the power of the Old Arktorian Gods.

Dieter and Artha became very close through their confrontations, but Artha remained an outlaw in the view of the Crown, and Dieter's protestations that he had ended her reign of terror as requested did not produce much traction when the authorities sought to arrest and execute her. Grudgingly, for the sake of his son, who insisted he would protect Artha at any cost--and marry her, if she would have him--Marius revealed his identity as the elder half-brother of Emperor Claudius II, which quite abruptly changed everything. However, Claudius was absolutely unwilling to permit the marriage of even a somewhat removed member of the royal family to an outlaw without some political compensation. First, he required that Marius would accept at least a duchy and stop living like a "peasant"; and second, that Dieter would marry also a proper noblewoman of a respected family. Dieter was somewhat mortified at that ultimatum, and Artha was somewhat furious (and frustrated that Dieter wouldn't just run off to be an outlaw with her), but they reluctantly acquiesced to the Emperor's demands, and Marius arranged a match with Ada Ness, daughter of a senior courtier and an old friend of his. To Dieter's still greater discomfort, he got along fantastically well with the contemplative, poised Ada, and although the rivalry between her and Artha was only enhanced by their radically different personalities, Dieter's talent as a peacemaker and his appealing air of nobility won out in the end.

Marius, however, had no taste for administration or politics whatsoever and preferring to focus on his fencing school (which had gained quite a lot of attention after the revelation of his identity, since his fame as a swordmaster had never been eclipsed in Kaitheny). Within a few years, he passed the title of Duke of Thanneswane to Dieter; despite his youth, Dieter proved to be quite an able leader through common sense, politeness, and kindness, garnering broad respect across the Southern Reaches.

By this time, Alric, Dieter's first son, was a toddler, and already began learning (or at least playing at) swordsmanship with his grandfather. He also began to exhibit some of his mother's abilities, (particularly flight, enhanced strength and durability, and the generation and control of a fire-elemental incandescent aura which earned her nickname "the Ember") in whose use she attempted to guide him. However, Artha had no healthy maternal relationship to draw on as a model and had difficulty lowering her emotional defenses even around her son; for his part, Alric had inherited as much of her fiery spirit and stubbornness as he did of his father's idealism and nobility, and the two would almost always wind up in fierce arguments if left to their own devices. Despite the rivalry between Artha and Ada, the latter stepped in where Artha's less-than-maternal nature faltered, and Alric grew up to think of both of them as "mother," each in her own way. The whole family did what they could to help, since a child prone to starting fires when angry and with the strength to overwhelm most adults required all hands on deck.

At about the same time, Alric's younger half-brother Benedict was born. Where Alric from infancy had the heart of a lion and was only emboldened with the growth of the powers inherited from his mother, Benedict was a quite, intense, and sensitive child, and as the baby of the family, was somewhat coddled. Although the two were close in their own way, they also inherited some portion of their mothers' rivalry; in addition, Benedict grew to feel acutely the existential quandary of the Second-in-Line, comforting himself by cultivating a sense of the "purity" of his own lineage relative to that of his rambunctious, liberal older brother.

When Alric was a young teenager, a great political upset shook the Empire, as Emperor Marcus IV (son of the long ill and recently deceased Emperor Claudius II and Dieter's cousin) was overthrown by the nobility and tried for treason on evidence that he had been at least partly responsible for his father's crippling illness and subsequent death. Although Marius was too old and had too few political ties to make a credible successor, despite his claim, he put his son Dieter forward, and stepped up as a reluctant Regent until Dieter's affairs in Thanneswane could be put in order and a coronation arranged.

Suddenly Alric was propelled from provincial nobleman to future Crown Prince, and he felt the scrutiny of the Court acutely. More than a few of the more traditionalist noble houses had strenuous objections to the notion of the son of an outlaw (no matter how many years since pardoned) taking the throne. With no legal grounds on which to enforce their displeasure, they sought to simply discourage House Caelegart from naming Alric as Dieter's heir through shows of hostility both subtle and gross. Many encouraged their sons to issue challenges as soon as Alric was old enough to accept--or spur him on to issue challenges, himself, knowing his volatile temper--meaning to shame him out of the public eye. This had mixed results, and mostly backfired for everyone: the fiery young Alric accepted every challenge put to him, and he acquitted himself well as a swordsman, particularly given his increasingly superlative physical abilities. However, as the challenges wore on, both Alric and his opponents became more ferocious as their shared frustration and enmity mutually reinforced. When one of these matches ended with a promising young nobleman's near death, Marius, as the final act of his Regency, forbade Alric to accept or initiate a dual without the Emperor's express consent.

Deeply humiliated by this edict (and inwardly ashamed of his own lack of control and the blood on his hands due to his quarrel with the nobility) and dismayed at the growing distance between himself and his brother (who was considerable more popular with those Houses who bore various grudges against Alric), he became a much more serious young man, and for a time even rather dour. He returned for a few years to the family estate at Thanneswane and explored the countryside, reconnecting with childhood friends. He aided his grandfather at his fencing school as an assistant instructor, worked hard to master his self-control, and earned admission to the knightly Order of the Dragon. Although still wary of his own intensity, Alric calmed somewhat, and rather than repeating his grandfather's flight into self-imposed exile, he decided instead that he would strive to become the best future ruler that he could, and return to Kaitheny as much as he could of its faded glory and tarnished honor.

To advance in the Order, he undertook a quest--and as it had to be a quest befitting his station, he swore to return with tokens of goodwill from all the great nations of Eyuin, a daunting task considering how hostile many of those relationships had become. For the last two years, he has been traveling the world, presenting himself to sovereigns and working (often struggling) to earn their trust, as not only a Knight Errant but a unique sort of ambassador. He was just on his way back to Kaitheny to formally complete his quest, when fluxed in.

Personality: Alric is in many ways a Prince's Prince. Raised by a father who had been a commoner (albeit a relatively wealthy one), an adventurer, and a nobleman, and by two mothers--one coarse but forthright, liberal, and exceptionally vivacious, and the other poised and conservative, but tender and comforting--he grew up quite well-rounded emotionally and intellectually, with an impulse to look for the good in everyone. However, his experiences in quarreling with the nobility have led him to acquire a fierce hatred of bigotry. At the same time, he has his mother's impulsive, ardent nature, and when confronted with a problem, his isntinct is to leap in and solve it at once; leaving a problem sitting grates on his nerves, although his fear of overreacting or getting carried away with his own passions leads him sometimes to hesitate when he feels personally invested. The result is considerable but clearly limited patience with wrongdoers: while he believes there is something good and deserving of respect in all people (his own mother being the archetypical example of not-always-obvious goodness), he isn't willing to simply overlook cruelty or baseness in the hopes of reforming a dedicated villain. Some people, he feels, can be redeemed, and some simply cannot--or at least, cannot without making innocent people pay too steep a price for the effort.

Following the intensity of his education, especially after moving to the capital leading up to his father's coronation, Alric has difficulty with downtime. He tends to get twitchy if he doesn't have something to keep himself busy, whether it's martial training or building a barn or whatever else might be available. He takes his sword training extremely seriously; as soon as it became clear that his mother Artha was really not prepared to educate him in mastering his abilities, Marius began Alric's sword training as a means of teaching the boy discipline and control, and Alric has always returned to those lessons in times of turmoil and frustration. He also falls back on his other childhood coping mechanisms of music (mostly guitar, for which he has a great fondness despite it being seen as a "peasant instrument"), exercise, and tree-climbing, and he strives to keep up his studies in philosophy, statesmanship, engineering, and so forth.

Alric tends to feel things with extreme passion, although he has learned to distrust those passions and makes a sincere effort to put on a studied facade of courtly good manners and propriety at all times. Even though he can't get through a conversation with his brother without one or both growing frustrated and saying something hurtful, he loves his brother dearly and picked up the flute (an instrument with which his brother is far more skilled) as a memento to when they were younger and closer. His mother frustrates him to no end--largely because they are so similar at heart--but his loev for her informs much of his liberalism and his intense hatred of bigotry, and his desire to eradicate the attitudes of misogyny and elitism he feels are poisoning the heart of Kaitheny.

Because of this ardent nature and his mother's background, Alric feels a great sympathy for outcasts and those who have difficulty mastering their strengths; at the same time, having grown somewhat older and wiser through his turbulent and reckless teenage years, he has a deep respect for the warmth and poise shown by his step-mother, as well as her kindness to him despite her rivalry with his birth mother. He also shares some of his father's discomfort with his titles, although in Alric's case, it stems mostly from the way people tend to behave around a prince as opposed to a nobleman of lower standing or a mere country gentleman. Despite the facade he has learned to put up to protect himself from scorn (and to protect others from his own intensity), he naturally prefers intimate friendships over formal alliances, and when in a strange land, may "forget" to mention his station unless it becomes important for some reason or he finds he can't avoid the subject without lying.

Why do you think your character would work in this setting? There are already a number of other characters of comparable power, so he shouldn't be disruptive, in that regard. He's social an inquisitive, and he stands to both gain and offer a lot from interacting with a number of existing characters whose situations resonate with his own. It'll take him a little while to adjust to the technology, but he tends to be forward-thinking and open-minded.

What will your character do for work?

Perhaps construction, although he's not one to shy from any task from diplomacy to architecture to manual labor, if he has the skills for it.

Inventory: Possibly the most important item in Alric's possession at the time of his flux-in is Fairkalshi, or "Starlight," a family heirloom sword, the weapon traditionally wielded by the Crown Prince since the founding of the Empire. The sword, imbued with significant enhancements, was said to have been given to the royal family as a token of good will by the elusive Ilesthi of the far north. The sword is far keener and stronger than normal steel and radiates an aura of power that erodes the Taint and similar corruptions or inversions of natural magic. The aura also protects the sword to a large degree from other forms of magic, making it resistant to spells targeting the sword itself, and allowing it to parry sorcerous missiles and bypass some magical protections. As an heirloom, in principle, Alric could also use Starlight as a focus for Kaithenian ancestral magic, but not unless he finds a way to establish a connection to his ancestors from across the boundaries between worlds. Perhaps in sixth months when it becomes possible to bridge to his world.
Besides Starlight, Alric has moderately worn but very high-quality clothes suitable for travel, a hard-carved wooden flute, a leather-bound journal, and some jewelry, particularly including a signet ring and a pendant with his coat of arms, both worn on chains about his neck.

Samples: And now for the hard part! If you need a prompt for your samples, refer back to the Applications Page.

Third-Person Sample:

First-Person Sample:
[Alric gave a measured, polite smile as the video feed came on.]

Ah, good afternoon. I felt it best that I introduce myself, now I've been informed as to my circumstances. My name is Alric--for what it's worth, of House Caelegart, of Kaitheny, although I gather neither will be familiar, here.

[He pauses briefly and shakes his head, his smile growing a touch more amused and reflective.]

Which is, perhaps, just as well. I have no great love of titles or standing on ceremony, so a little anonymity, I imagine, will be refreshing. I gather, as well, that I'll be needing to find work. I'm certainly not shy of physical labor, but if there would be greater need for something more... rarified, I have no special prejudice for one or the other. Whatever would answer the greatest need, I suppose, and wherever I can hope to achieve the most.

[He glances off, briefly, pensive and perhaps just a bit trouble, before he looks back to he camera with a slightly more contrite smile.]

I do have obligations to which I must return, when I am able. But, until that time, I look forward to becoming acquainted with you all, my neighbors. The pleasure, I'm certain, will be mine.
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"Ah, hello. You've reached the voicemail of Alric Caelegart. I am mostly likely otherwise engaged, at the moment, but please leave a message and I will gladly contact you at the soonest suitable opportunity."
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CONTACT: http://www.plurk.com/Exacerangutan


NAME: Alric Caelegart
CANON: Original
AGE: 19 (born April 10)
YEAR IN SCHOOL/FACULTY POSITION: Home schooled to some mix of high school/college level
APPEARANCE: Alric mostly takes after his grandfather: moderately tall at just under 6' with a bit of a regal bearing, as much as he tries to act casual most of the time, with straight black hair worn quite long in the traditional style of Kaithenian nobility. He usually ties his hair back, but for formal occasions wears traditional sidelocks. He has his mother's eyes, however, intense and golden-orange in color although easily mistaken for a more normal light brown when seen from a distance. Although naturally prone to great expressiveness, he has picked up a habit of muting his reactions to help rein in his intensity. He tends to dress comfortable and classy, if not quite formal.


Alric is a bit troubled. Although he grew up in a loving household, the Court surrounding that household has been a source of exposure to some intense hostility--hostility which drove his mother away when he was a small child, and which his little brother shares in, making it almost unavoidable. Worse, he blames himself for the trouble his impulsive nature has caused when he was goaded into action, and has learned with great difficulty to keep himself under tight control. As a result, he often comes off a bit more formal than he'd like, although he does his best to compensate by being affable and courtly as well, although as he's still young, some things (his poor fraternal relationship, failing his friends, hot girls) can definitely get a reaction.

Despite a certain sense of abandonment, Alric doesn't actually bear a grudge against his mother. He knows intimately how unpleasant it can be facing anti-mutant sentiment at Court, and while it is of course something of an open wound for him, he wouldn't wish the experience on anyone, and can't entirely bring himself to fault her for not being able to stand it. Similarly, where someone else might feel resentment toward his stepmother or his younger half-brother for being part of a more 'complete' family, Alric embraces them absolutely, crediting his step-mother with raising him as though he were her own and admiring her kindness and poise. Similarly, he looks up to his father for his combination of gentleness and strength of will, which Alric finds downright heroic, as well as his grandfather's discipline and gravitas, and he struggles constantly to pursue these role models.

Despite all the nobility surrounding him, however, underneath his rigorous efforts to encase himself in a tough shell of propriety and good cheer, Alric (even more than most teenagers) is a burning maelstrom of intensity, and that intensity worries him--sometimes terrifies him. He has put a great deal of work into training himself to manage it with his grandfather's guidance, but Alric knows he always has the potential to fall very far short of the ideals he strives for. As a result, metaphorically speaking, he's often quick to reach out but hesitant to actually make contact or otherwise let down his guard. Mostly for the sake of other people.

Although certainly not a technical supergenius, Alric is quite broad-talented with a special aptitude for critical thinking, in part by nature and in part due to the breadth of his education since childhood, and is adept and inquisitive enough to be an excellent assistant. Having never gone through the often curiosity-dulling experience of public schooling, he remains eager to learn new things, and has had the close relationship between scholarship and leadership drilled into his head from a very young age; he also has retained something of a sense of wonder, greatly enjoying speculative and fantasy fiction. He also takes tremendous pride in his membership (however probational) in a respected knightly order, and although he has the restraint not to go around crowing about it, he takes the associated duties and code of conduct very seriously.

The one thing in which Alric takes even more pride is his birthright. Steeped as he is in stories of knights and princes and so forth, his birthright is a tremendous part of his identity--not as a signature of being above others, so much as a set of obligations, and even more importantly, a purpose. At the moment, Alric can't even fathom what he would do without that purpose, and everything he does is with an eye toward making himself a better crown prince, and whether his choices will be compatible with the Kaithenian throne one day.


A lot of these things could be improved with training (read as mod permission) since Alric's really only had himself as a teacher when it comes to his powers... he could also branch out to more plasma emission tricks except that lighting his clothes on fire is a real danger, unless someone can get him an extremely heat-resistant outfit. In theory, there's a lot of stuff you can do with plasmas that he just hasn't had cause to practice, and he'd need some scientific guidance to actually develop such abilities (again, obviously, with mod permission).

Plasma Constructs: A permutation on his mother's pyrokinetic ability, Alric can generate high-energy, high-density plasma from the air, typically emitting a bright violet light at the edge, typical of "cool" oxygen/nitrogen plasmas. Although cool by plasma standards, this plasma is still hot enough to vaporize most solid materials on direct contact, with the exception of exotic energy-resistant materials; anything specially resistant to heat (e.g. force fields, exotic materials, something kept ultra-cold by a comparable or higher-level mutant power) will also resist the thermal effects of Alric's plasmas. He's able to control the shape with enough precision to be used for surgical purposes if he had more than basic medical training, but complex shapes require more concentration, so he tends to keep it very simple. Alric's plasma structures only last as long as he's concentrating at least a little bit on them, and generally fizzle out if he loses too much focus. He can also gather and compress plasma, increasing the energy density, and then release it abruptly, causing an explosion with a heat flash and a kinetic impact. The more power he squeezes into a construct, the more strain it takes; with some exertion, he could create an explosive contruct intense enough to wreck a car, but couldn't bring down a sturdy building (i.e. he's not Cyclops). He can only form plasma constructs within arm's reach. Although he can control their motion, again, complex patterns or multiple objects require more concentration than a single object moving in a straight line. Although essentially weightless, if trapped by plasma-resistant objects, the construct has strength (and electrical conductivity) comparable to steel despite being nearly weightless. Finally, Alric can intuitively sense where his plasmas are relative to himself, so they'll reflexively fizzle out or deflect before harming him, and he can "grab" them safely.

- Plasma Sword: A construct Alric has practiced enough to form with little effort, this is really just a long, narrow rod in shape, so it basically looks like a lightsaber blade without a handle. Much to Alric's chagrin, although it does sort of hum and crackle when moving through air, it doesn't really make very authentic lightsaber sounds.

- Plasma Burst: Another construct Alric has dabbled with, this is basically just a baseball-sized sphere of highly compressed plasma. With a 2-3 seconds of charging, it can do heat and concussive damage comparable to a small grenade; charging more than this starts hitting diminishing returns due to charging more slowly and taking more and more effort, so he rarely goes bigger than this.

Plasma Jets: Similar to the plasma contructs, but less contained, Alric can generate jets of plasma from his body, although he typically prefers to eject them from his hands for ease of control. These jets can produce enough thrust for relatively high-speed flight, although he doesn't have a lot of practice with this (perhaps partly to avoid a lawsuit from Tony Stark), so it's a bit of a strain to keep it up. Although these plasma jets could also be used offensively, they have a range of only a couple of meters in air at full power. They can be narrowed to function like welding or cutting torches, as well, and he has used them this way in the workshop.

Emotional Connection: This power, like Alric's mother's, is emotionally influenced, and although Alric has worked hard to master this aspect of it (really the only aspect anyone could help him with), intense, aggressive feelings (especially anger) can make it start "leaking," generatic brief arcs of plasma or a thin violet corona at first, and then generating a more and more intense corona if his control slips completely. Anger is by far the strongest emotional coupling for his powers (perhaps because it's what he's bottled up the most), although anxiety and tension in general can be a lesser trigger, as well.


Alric was born to the then crown prince Theobald and his first wife Aveline of the kingdom of Kaitheny, a small but proud and quite old northwestern European monarchy influenced primarily by England over its Roman and Germanic roots. Alric's mother, however, was a commoner, and worse, a mutant--a pyrokinetic who had some trouble with the law due to her powers, but on the intercession of Alric's father, was pardoned after demonstrating the loyalty and bravery to risk using her powers helping to defend the royal house against far worse criminals. The Court, however, was scandalized when Theobald went so far as to marry her, and while Aveline was happy at first to fly in the face of tradition, the incessant hostility at Court eventually proved to be too much for her, and she left when Alric was about two years old--however, as Alric was in the direct line to the throne, Aveline couldn't take him with her, so she simply did her best to disappear.

A couple of years later, Alric's father remarried--this time, a young lady Anna of noble upbringing, of whom the Court approved wholeheartedly, who had been a friend of the royal family for many years and had comforted Alric's father when his wife left. Contrary to the expectations of the four-year-old Alric, being raised at the time by his father the crown prince and his grandfather Marius the Regent (his grandfather fiercely hated formal titles and being in positions of authority), and steeped in fairy tales and stories of knights and heroes, his new step-mother was actually very kind to him, treating him with consideration and affection from the moment they met. It was not long before Alric had a little brother, Benedict.

Alric and his family knew from a very young age that he was different. It was little surprise, as his mother had been a known mutant; shortly after Theobald married his second wife Anna, however, Alric began producing small outburst of heat and light whenever especially frustrated, which for an extremely headstrong and expressive child, was fairly often. Fortunately, his plasma generation was quite weak when he was young, and he had too little control to direct it deliberately, but it was enough to bring about quite a few minor burns and a few small fires in the house before he was old enough to begin developing some self-control, especially motivated by the potential for people to get hurt. He took to nestling in the branches of the trees around the family estate when he needed his alone-time, and learned to slip away and exhaust himself with exercise if he felt a tantrum coming on. His grandfather especially was an endless font of advice on the topic of self-control in general, although he could be only so much help with the powers themselves. Music was another way Alric learned to express himself, taking up the guitar at a fairly young age, using it at first as an outlet for aggression and frustration, and later learning to transform those feelings into something more beautiful.

Unfortunately, as Alric grew older, the hostility of the anti-mutant factions among the nobility only grew hotter, and although home-schooled by the best tutors available and thus insulated from torments from other school children (and given an exceptionally strong science and philosophy background "as befits a prince" according to his grandfather), Alric couldn't altogether avoid the children of other noble families. As much as he tried for his family's sake to be well-behaved (like his always quiet, meek, angelic little brother), the constant goading and provocation would wear on him, and he grew into something of a snarky, bratty teenager. As much as he learned fencing from his grandfather, who had been an olympic athlete in his youth, he learned practical self-defense from fending off frequent scuffles with other boys of the peerage. In particular, his grandfather pressed him to learn self-control, but even so, minor injuries on both sides only increased the resentment between Alric and his political enemies.

That came to an abrupt and traumatic end when Alric was 15. An older and much larger boy pushed a little too far in a "friendly fencing match" in which Alric was meant to be humiliated and send home crying; instead, Alric's control slipped. He had been able to draw on his powers a little bit since he was small, but the sheer adrenaline and rage in that instant unlocked something he had kept bottled up... leaving Alric singed, his aggressor with widespread third-degree burns, and the Kaithenian nobility who opposed Alric (and, obviously, one family in particular) with a new purse of excuses to hate him.

Alric's grandfather, as his last formal act as Regent, banned Alric from ever accepting such competitive fencing challenges again, and also from the Kaithenian military--assumed to be a step in the career of any young Kaithenian nobleman of promise. Infuriated and ashamed, in spite of understanding his grandfather's reasons for the humiliating edict, Alric largely fell into himself, retreating to the family's country estate. He spent months pretty much just sulking around, until his grandfather returned from the capital to take the boy under his wing. Marius pushed Alric constantly to figure out what was really important to him, and how to accomplish it. Alric spent the next two years traveling frequently, pursuing his personal interests in music and various martial arts, but also putting in some official service to the crown by serving briefly as aide to some senior diplomat, adding a little bit of the royal family's influence to meetings and getting some ambassadorial experience.

Alric had since a young age thought of himself in terms of his relationship to the throne, no so much as something that set him apart, as something giving him a clear place in society, in history, in his (heavily fairytale and fantasy-influenced) view of the world. He had already been promoted by his grandfather's abdication to Crown Prince; and once he returned from his travels, he decided it was time he should live up to that title. Alric redoubled his training and studies, and earning admittance to the Most Prestigious Order of the Dragon, a very old and highly-regarded knightly order named in honor of St. George in the time of the crusades, before the Reformation broke Kaitheny's Catholic ties. While his popularity at Court was still very spotty and in some ways a divisive issue, enough so that his strongest opponents tried to push for his little brother to be made Heir Apparent in Alric's place, his membership (albeit merely as a Knight-Initiate) and his growing resume of ambassadorial service improved his standing significantly.

The next stage in Alric's knighthood, however, would by the charter of the Order require that he travel and set wrongs right, and while many Knights-Errant fulfilled this obligation through some manner of simple foreign community service such as offering pro bono legal services or substantial charitable giving, Alric felt that as a member of the royal house, he had to find something more personal and direct--and, frankly, epic, in the manner of the knights whose stories he had grown up reading. He also felt that while he could learn the sword from his grandfather for years to come, there was little more he could learn about the mastery of his abilities. There was only one places he knew of where he might have the opportunity to solve so many problems at once, and with his family's blessings, Alric applied to the Xavier Institute. Once accepted, he packed a few of his most prized possessions and set off to America.


[Video: Xavier]
[By the look of the background, Alric is probably recording on his phone in the car from the airport to the institute.]
Good morning, Professor. My sincerest apologies for the timing--it's a bit early, I know--but I anticipated today would be busy to say the least, and hoped to get an early start. I'm sure you have plenty of other matters to deal with before we speak in person, but if you'd be available before lunch, I would be most grateful; otherwise, I'll be, of course, at your disposal whenever the opportunity presents. If you've no objection, once I've settled in, I'll make myself acquainted with the institute.

[He pauses, glancing aside briefly, then back to the camera, with a touch of a smile--clearly, at least to someone as experienced as Xavier, not so much hesitant as deliberately restrained.]

I confess, immature as it may seem, I am... very much looking forward to my time at your Institute. I learned a great deal from my grandfather, and owe more than I can say to my parents and my tutors, but... well, as you surely know intimately, there are few places one can go to learn the... variety of self-mastery available at the Institute. And, if what I have heard is true, the opportunity to use one's gifts to positive ends... ah, I apologize, I suppose I'm rambling, and you certainly have more important concerns. I will, I hope, see you in a few hours, Professor.

[Another brief pause, this one more introspective, the following smile colored with humility, or perhaps relief.]

And, thank you.

Test Drive Meme w/ Bigby Wolf here.
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Backtagging: Sure!
Threadhopping: Sure!
Fourthwalling: Generally, no thanks.
Offensive subjects (elaborate): Nothing outstanding.


Hugging this character: Fine, although he'll find it somewhat awkward, barring special circumstances.
Kissing this character: Fine, but he'll probably find it quite awkward and inappropriate.
Flirting with this character: Absolutely. His family environment is full of nonstop teasing, and at Court, it's even slightly rude to not flirt at all.
Fighting with this character: Go for it, although he prefers to avoid violence. Partly because he has such a talent for it.
Injuring this character (include limits and severity): Certainly, although if it's important, talking in advance may help avoid ruffled feathers. He recovers very fast, so even serious injuries aren't character-breaking. I'd especially rather not have him Worfed (i.e. humiliated to make someone/something else look tough) without consent.
Killing this character: I'd like there to at least be a cool reason for it (although I guess it's not all that impactful in Deme). I'm not a great fan of killing characters just to be hip or to make a point.
Using telepathy/mind reading abilities on this character: Totally doable, although I'd like to discuss anything really invasive like mind control in advance, to make sure it doesn't accidentally become character-breaking.

Alric is pretty mild, as far as I'm aware.

My recent RP background is IRC-based, so I'm used to responding almost in real-time and can be a very rapid tagger (when I'm not busy, at least). I'm fine with backdating and so on, however, and prefer that over leaving gaping plotholes in-character.

Get your own copy of the IC/OOC Permissions meme!


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