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Setting: The world of Eyuin is intensely magical, although it once was more so. In the centuries after the Sundering War that introduced Abominations and sent the world into chaos, nations rose up and collapsed again, and nearly two-thousand years later, the Empire of Kaitheny remains the most powerful nation in the world. However, generations of arrogance and decadence culminating in the forced abdication of Mad King Mark have whittled away at Kaitheny's influence, and its once-unassailable position is far less steady than it once was.

Brief History: Alric is the first son of the current Emperor, and as such, Crown Prince. His mother, however, was a commoner and a pardoned outlaw, and as a result, he has had difficulty with many houses of the Kaithenian nobility since he was born. His fiery spirit and the incendiary powers he inherited from his mother have only served to broaden this gulf, whereas his younger half-brother is the picture of entitled, prejudiced nobility, making the brothers intensely divisive figures in Kaithenian politics. Seeking to control his innate ferocity the powers driven by it and placing a great deal of meaning in his birthright and his responsibilities, Alric has diligently pursued nobility and discipline, becoming a Knight-Errant of the Most Prestigious Order of the Dragon and studying swordsmanship under his legendary grandfather, but a fiery heart still burns under the outer covering of propriety.

Age: 22
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 175lbs
Nationality: Kaithenian
Build: Medium, broad-shouldered

Coat of Arms:
A wingless gold gryphon couchant regardant (lying down and looking over its shoulder) holding a silver sword on a green field, across a white diagonal band from a red dragon rampant on a black field, a seven-pointed gold coronet above the shield.


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